Canadian Idol: A Tough Choice

Well folks, I have no idea how all us Idol voters are going to decide who to vote for. I don't recall ever being in this position before where all three performers were equally excellent.

Jaydee, though he needs more time to mature, is overcoming his youth, lack of experience, and showing his sheer joy of singing and is now better representing a song as if he feels it and knows it. Brian's voice, though it still has a tendency to go flat, is getting stronger, and the guy looks, sounds, and pulls the audience in like a pro. As for Carly Rae, well! She made the judges cry. Plus she slayed White Flag.

What an inspiring night! What a tough pick!!!

(Oh and BTW Ben Mulroney. Jann Arden recently released her own giving-chills-and-drawing-tears version of At Seventeen on her newest album Uncover Me. How could you NOT mention that? Tsk, tsk.)