2007 Canadian Idol Revealed

Two hours later, starting with the best-ensemble Top Ten performance I've seen, moving on to Avril Lavigne singing "Hot" into her pink-hair-matching microphone then "When You're Gone" to the accompaniment of thunder and lightening and human-rattling wind (that was Mother Nature horning in on the action -- she was jealous of those honking huge jewels on Avril's fingers -- wow!), and then time to show us Media Idol and Brian his Hamiltonian supporters and Jaydee his Drumheller supporters, followed by the eight tossed-out Idols performing individually (some of whom reminded us of just how good they are, making us wonder why we booted them off so soon) and then back to the stage came Jaydee and Brian together, pulling in the rest of the Idols as back up to close out that part of the show. Whew. Deep breath. Now, Bon Jovi thundered onto the stage with "Lost Highway"....Hey! When did Jon go red and short? Long and blonde was his hair in last night's clips. But I digress. The ooow-ooow microphone came out before the commerical break and then it was time for the Top Ten again, praising their fans and singing together. Tired yet? We're just over halfway through, not yet two hours later, only minutes away from the big reveal, and it's time for Eva Avila, last year's stunning Canadian Idol, who reminds us why she won last year and why we should keep listening. Her sophomore album is coming out next spring. And now it's down to the last half hour, the last two Idol contenders with their retrospectives, singing their individual favourite songs before teaming up together for one last time, for one last segment of this two-hour finale, with one last flash-back and one last duel, before...

Oh BTW if you missed any of this and are kicking yourself, CTV airs it at a different time on its Vancouver station, 8:00 pm PST. All the rest of the country gets to watch Canadian Idol at the time-slot-equivalent of 8:00 pm EST. Only CTV does this with virutally all of its programs, unlike other networks, to its Canadian viewers. Nice. But at least they give you ONE more chance to catch Avril and Bon Jovi and Eva and that final reveal.

Just under 5 million votes determined that Brian Melo is 2007's Canadian Idol!