Toronto Bombs

Well, bombs are apparently old news in the rest of the world because there's no sign of Toronto's bomb convoy, no mention of finding three bombs in a car at a gas station and closing down highways (yes, that's plural), major streets and a large swathe of streets, buildings, and businesses in Toronto for hours, no side bar on the bomber's previously couriered letter bombs, one of which burned a man's hands, on BBC News -- main page or the Americas page -- or or CNN International or MSNBC. The latter did have a photo of Britney's "assets" being exposed. And the others did have in their list of other stories one on a bomb scare in Mexico.

So maybe it's not bombs, it's because they're bombs in Toronto. Sniff. I feel so snubbed.


CQ said…
I saw the live bomb defusal convoy coverage during the lunch hour, but not from CBC Toronto /Newsworld either per channel flipping. Global and CTV easily had the most coverage at the time.
I noticed that too. Global had the edge because they showed footage from the traffic cams (when the copters were moved out of the airspace for the CNE air show rehearsals) and for some reason CTV could not plus they found an expert to answer questions, which I also didn't see on CTV.