Good Idol Tonight!

OK, I have only one thing to say about Canadian Idol tonight: Jaydee Bixby is the reincarnation of Elvis. Blonde, with no rhythm, yes, but that voice! It's Elvis!! Has to be!!!

On a more serious note, it was heartening -- and put a great big grin on my face -- to hear him rise back up from the last few bad performances and sing the way he can, not that terrible out-of-pitch stuff he's been doing. Matt Rapley was a powerhouse tonight. I did want to grab him and move him a bit more, but as the song progressed his body language intensified until all that existed was him and that song. Meanwhile, Carly Rae Jepsen, in the words of the judges, was lovable, adorable, and memorable. And she'll probably be gone tomorrow because the boys are just too cute. Mind you, Brian Melo has more than the cute -- and hat -- factor going for him; tonight he put on a concert, not just a Canadian Idol performance. Impressive.