Competition for Multicultural City: Rooting for Toronto!

I found out just before it went to air that there is an hour simulcast radio broadcast between Toronto, London, New York, and Syndey on CFRB to compete for which the most multicultural city in the world.

I've never been to Sydney, but of the other three cities, I'd say without a doubt that Toronto is the most multicultural. It looks it. It sounds it. It feels it. And unlike the other two bigger cities, it doesn't have racist vibes imbuing the atmosphere. Sydney is really slashing us now. Hmmm... does that mean we're the ones to beat?

Read more here and go vote!


Update: Fantastic hour! The four voters from Iraq, Pakistan, Morocco, and Singapore voted: two for London, one for Toronto, and one on the fence. Texters voted for New York. E-mailers for Toronto. We're the only city that showed up in two voting pools. Not bad!