Canadian Idol Voting Rules

Rule #1: Do not vote for the girls. Boys only, cause boys rule.

Rule #2: If you must vote for the girls, ensure you vote only for the blondes and fair-skinned. Girls are the fairer sex after all.

Rule #3: Once only the right-looking girls are left, you may vote for them and move on to voting off the boys.

Rule #4: Vote only for Canadian-looking boys.

Rule #5: Be sure to vote for the boy with the worst voice -- who this year is not the cutest, but never mind -- to allow for the boys with the brown skin to be voted off.

Rule #6: Hotly deny that Canadian Idol voters are sexist and racist. You are voting for the Idol with the biggest Canadian star power, and you know best what that looks like, I mean sounds like. So ignore the dweebs who claim otherwise.