Another Canadian Idol Gone. Three Idols Left. Two Weeks Left.

The right person was voted off Canadian Idol this week: Dwight d'Eon. When I heard last week they were doing standards this week, I knew Dwight would be over his head. The other three not only had a better grasp by far on this style of singing than he did, but better voices too, so crucial to singing a standard successfully. Jaydee Bixby surprised us by singing the lyrics of a serious song and not smiling -- with his deep, powerful voice, he became a singing magnet again! Brian Melo looked completely comfortable and professional on the stage, and though you could see his nerves through that shaking microphone, his voice and his performance didn't betray them one bit. Carly Rae Jepsen was outstanding as usual and put her entire soul into her second song. It made a difference.

Dwight gave it a valiant effort, but for once the East Coasters voted on merit rather than region -- or maybe the rest of the country outvoted them. He was humble and gracious in his good-bye speech and singing tonight, really nice to see.