The Verdict on Conrad Black

American Karma has bitten Conrad Black in the butt, and Paula Todd is going to cover every angle of that nasty bite this evening on a special two-hour edition of The Verdict on CTV Newsnet. Too bad it took the American justice system to do what the Canadian system refuses to do: take money theft, aka fraud, seriously. Whether it's a charming con man slipping a couple of thou out of the wallet of a gullible woman or a corporate titan acting on his feelings of entitlement to corporate money, fraud affects people badly, and in some instances leads to suicide. It's time Canada shows the same ferocity in going after white collar criminals as the U.S.A. does.


Lemon said…
TTT - Conrad is slime...
I read Newman's book back in the day, and he described this young mover and shaker.
Well, since, he took the Dominion employees pension funds cause he could (he was among the first to realize that this could be done with over-funded plans), did the Hollinger stuff, and fired my girlfriend because her brother (in his workbooks) dared show up in the office of one of his companies when he was there.
He'll be appealing. But to quote a comedian I once saw in Stoon, the only thing he;'ll be appealin is some guys banana.
talk talk talk said…
An awful lot of people seem to have been affected by that pension fund fraud, if the number of calls I heard about that on the radio are to go by.

That's the attitude -- the one to your girlfriend's brother -- is what's bringing about his downfall. Karma.