What is it with truckers these days? Did they make a pact to flip the collective bird to all those pesky Toronto car drivers who clog up their routes by rolling over a truck a day? Well, OK, it's about one every 2.5 days, but still... Don't they know they're going to get hurt if they continue to drive like Torontonians?


Premier Dalton McGuinty must believe he has the election in the bag. Either that or he believes that Toronto voters are like sheep and will vote for the same old, familiar names, as long as they're Liberal or NDP, no matter what their politicians do to them. He isn't too far wrong, really. He does have the proof of the last municipal election. Maybe the Premier's ploy of getting away with not paying for provincial responsibilities in the Toronto area will work after all.


Who's going to miss going to the library on a Sunday? Not me. For one thing, many already close on a Sunday in the summer. And for another, I don't patronize them anymore: between librarians yelling at teens, checkout staff glaring at me for insisting on taking out a book, not being able to read a book within the requisite time period, and getting about as many smiles as I do from cockroaches, I switched to patronizing the World's Biggest Bookstore.


Another reason it's better to buy old houses: will you ever find newspapers, teacups, and mummified babies from the 1920s in a new, slapped-up-with-pressboard house? Hardly.


It's summer. Now you didn't really expect insightful analysis and in-depth discussions on this blog during the sunny, lovely days of July? Did you???


Anonymous said…
That newspaper-baby story kind of makes me wonder whats in the wall of my house. Okay, my house is only 8 years old and I was present for much of its construction so I have pretty good idea whats in the walls. But you never know, maybe in a couple of generations, those old pieces of scrap wood and dry wall and half full cigarette packs might actually warrant a newsstory.
LOL!! And don't forget that Tim Horton's coffee cup that got tossed. :P

Half the fun of renovating is discovering what's in the walls!