Live Earth: Where is the Love?

Live Earth in London had the high-energy Black Eyed Peas. Lucky ducks. The day inspired them to write a new rapping song, which I don't remember, but I liked. I liked that they're thinking about what this day means. They followed it up with "Where is the Love?" Good question.

In all that governments do, where is the love? Where is the love for the feeble and the old, the infirm and the poor when Toronto comes up with its garbage tax and imposes new chores on us for just living in the city? Where is the love when the Federal government caters to big polluting businesses and turns its back on individuals trying to do the right thing? Where is the love when the province makes and breaks promises as fast as a hummingbird feeds at the trough and doesn't make a huge, public, non-stop noise about Ohio polluting our air? Where is the love when programs purportedly aimed at helping our environment end up hurting our people? Where is the love when no-one cares to devise programs to help our least live independently and in harmony with planet earth?