Live Earth Pledge Problem

I've been thinking, the problem with the Pledge from Live Earth is that it's done in a transient way. Text to the number given, count the pledges sent in per city, and declare a movement. But Oprah understands that pledging in that way lasts only as long as the high of the moment does.

Fall Out Boy wondered about that, saying save the environment is like working out -- you only do it when it's convenient -- and wondering if this intention will burn out by the next concert next year (there's going to be another one???). That's why Oprah tells her viewers to print out a contract, personalize it, sign it, date it, and post it prominently. That's how to keep one's intention live, that's how to turn a pledge into action.


Anonymous said…
That's a good point to consider, but I don't know that it's a solvable problem (even the way Oprah wants it done). At the end of the day, this and all pledges are only as effective as a person's will to follow it.

I suppose you could create a legally binding contract as the pledge, but then no one would be willing to sign it.
It's surprising how effective it is signing and dating such a contract and sticking it up where it's in your face day after day. But of course, that can lose its potency. So telling people about taking the pledge, especially people who aren't into Live Earth or are skeptical about the whole thing, may enhance its effectiveness. Good points! Thanks for visiting!!