Live Earth Ends

Whew! It's over. The first concert ever with no litter, if the 800 volunteers in New York alone could help it. What a concept, eh? You'd think someone would've tried to control the litter issue after big events before now, and I never understood why people chucked their garbage on the floor or ground anyway.

It's been 26 hours of trying to read t-shirts, starting in Australia and ending in the U.S.A. There should be a law that if musicians wear a t-shirt with words on it, they can't cover them up with guitar straps.

Were there any Canadian artists? If there were, I seem to have missed them. Ah well.

So The Police in camouflage black close the entire Live Earth Concert (as seen on time-shifted CTV, thank goodness for cable). I liked them when they were around, but I wasn't one of the ones who jumped up and down in ecstacy when they reunited for whatever they reunited for. Their surprise guests were John Mayer and Kanye West for "Message in a Bottle." I personally thought Madonna was the perfect closing act, from the vid screens in tune with each lyric and move of hers to the perfect choice of artists or group of kids to accompany her in some of the songs to a great mix of new and sort-of-old songs so as to appeal to all genres of music lovers. She put on a show. And boy does she have energy. But I suppose it's fitting that old acts resurrected close out a concert that is all about resurrecting old habits our parents and grandparents "wore", like wearing a sweater when it's cold instead of turning up the heat or using a canvas bag to carry home the shopping in, especially when the last song includes the lyrics "sending out an SOS."

Congratulations to the organizers who pulled off this phenomenal feat of round the world concerts. It is quite remarkable, whatever you think about their effectiveness. I think I've watched enough television to last me a week! And I've exceeded my blogging record big time. I'll leave blogging about the rest of the pledges for another day. Time to turn off the lights. G'night everybody.