Live Earth Blogging

CTV must've been sweating buckets in meeting the CRTC's regs and making that deal with Rogers so that today (starting last night) they can have 26-hour, 6-network coverage of Live Earth, something that apparently no-one else in the world is doing. (Last night Seamus O'Regan said 26 hours, today the hosts are saying 29 hours, and on the website it says 24 hours. It's one of those!) CTV is the main carrier, and their new cable channels are each focusing on a specific city to show the full concerts from each city as they come online.

Live Earth kicked off with a silent didgeridoo in Sydney Australia. Tough luck having sounds problems right at the beginning -- I really like that instrument and would've loved to have heard it -- but the aboriginal dance and singing was, in a way, a rather fitting way to begin this concert, given that it's generally accepted that the aboriginals are closer to Nature and thus more responsible to the Earth. I have some doubt about that, arising out of my travels, but never mind. It was a good metaphorical beginning.

Blue King Brown
was the first group. The neat things about these round-the-world concerts is that you get to be introduced to bands you'd otherwise never even hear. My only beef with the acts so far is why does everyone have to wear black? Do the performers know how much they blend into the background when wearing black? It was a relief to see Shakira come out in bright, beautiful blue. (I had no idea she played guitar!)

Right now watching Damien Rice and David Gray playing a cover version of Doris Day's hit Que sera, sera (whatever will be, will be). The crowd is obviously loving it, as am I! More later.