Back Blogging. First Up: MMVAs v. Junos

Boy, I needed a longer blogging holiday than I had first thought to rev up the old creative juices again. Before I could even start writing though, I found I needed to update and rejig my design. A big thanks to Martin for solving a pesky sidebar issue! Let me just say there's no such thing as point and click. It's point and click then fiddle with the dratted HTML is what it really is.


Speaking of creative juices, the MMVAs have it, the Junos do not. The MMVAs are all about an Event. The Junos are about CTV shoe-horning a Canadian show around American programming. The MMVAs are all about having a blast. The Junos are about packaged programming. The MMVAs are about showcasing Canadian talent; involving Toronto, specifically the streets around the iconic Citytv building and as many people as can squeeze onto them; and making it a night for the talent to shine. The Junos are about CTV getting the glory to put on their résumé, the talent being hussled as the network's clocks go tick tick tick towards the more-valued American programming, and viewers being shafted, as in not being able to sit down with popcorn and enjoy an entire night of glamour and music. What was really interesting is that both the actual MMVAs and the Junos were two hours long, but the scheduled time and the way they handled the red carpet made the former seem like a prime time event. The Junos just felt like a prelude to something else.

Who was it who said the MMVAs overshadowed the Junos? He hated to say it, but I don't. It's the difference between a network that takes pride in Canadian music and shows it and one that just talks about it so as to get the kudos but doesn't mean it. I wonder what will happen to the MMVAs once Rogers takes over CHUM and CTV all the cable channels, including MuchMusic? Who will host the MMVAs? If it's CTV, get out the black armbands now.


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