Parliament Should Be Sued for Slander

I'm not in the mood for blogging right now, but I have to say that what Parliament and those so-called Honourables are doing today is despicable. Some of the media are no better. I had to read and watch several news articles on this story to discover that 2 years ago, someone accused Shane Doan of issuing a racist remark to a referee.

He was investigated and found innocent.

Last time I checked, the law of the land -- the same law debated and passed and upheld by those Parliamentarians, those humans who dare to call themselves Honourable -- declares everyone is innocent until found guilty. Doan was not found guilty. Yet the people who represent us, the politicians living off my dime, have the unmitigated gall to unilaterally decide he's guilty no matter what an inquiry found in order to destroy a private citizen's integrity and reputation for the sake of a few votes in Quebec's redneck land. I'm disgusted. And I'm most disgusted with Jack Layton, the leader of the NDP, the party that's supposed to have principles.


Anonymous said…
Don't you get it yet? The environment, war in Afghanistan, healthcare, none of these issues matter when there's a hockey game on.
Anonymous said…
Like I said, nothing pisses me off like politician interferring in sports.
LOL W! So right!!

Martin, you put it well.

I hear the only MP who believes there are better things to debate is Ken Dryden, and he's got the rest of the country behind him.