Alcan, Poppy Spies, and More Taxes

This is ridiculous. This should be front page news. And most of all, the Canadian government should be stopping it dead in its tracks.

Stephen Harper is a Bushie, no question, yet he doesn't follow his idol into one area: protecting the national interest by protecting our generators of wealth. He has been ignoring the sell-off of one large, established Canadian company after another to foreign interests. I've written about this before. My fellow plebes are concerned too. Yet Harper watches this selling off of our economy blithely; surely the hostile takeover of Alcan must get his attention. Well, it's not even front-page news, and Harper couldn't care less, his eyes are so firmly fixed on the capitalist mantra that he hasn't noticed our plunging standard of living nor that our ability to run our own economy is under assault. He's forgotten it's his job to protect it. Even the Republicans know that.


Perhaps he isn't protecting it because he fears upsetting his best buds, the American power brokers. And like many an inferiority-complex-ridden Canadian, figures Americans can do a better job. Ah yes. Those Americans. The same people who reward CEOs and defence contractors with millions of dollars for their intelligence and ruthless steering of their companies. The same bright lights who took one look at our poppy quarters in their pockets while up here and freaked. They immediately alerted the US department in charge of state security, and after careful review, that department believed them: that our quarters were an imminent threat. Even US media got in on the act, covering this story of the spy quarter with portentous gravity, claiming that the coating protecting the poppy from tarnish, was in reality a micro radio transmitter, designed to spy on the US and her defence contractors. Perhaps we can protect Alcan from a takeover by threatening to smelt in microchips and nanobatteries so all aluminum mined and refined in Canada will be shipped down south for spying detail, if Alcoa goes ahead with their bid.


And continuing on the idiot Canadian government front. After having warned us about bankruptcy, at the same time as nixing every one of Councillor Rob Ford's motions to reduce the budget, even as a PR exercise, and not having seriously reduced any part of the budget; having spent $3 million on Miller's office renovations, which still puzzles me as I just can't figure out where that money is going to -- solid gold handles?; and discussed hunting down said Ford and his bud in crime Doug Holyday for not spending taxpayer money; Miller and company are now asking us if we'd like more taxes. If you haven't died laughing and want to go tell him where to stick it, others have already formed a line down at Harbourfront for the first consultation on this matter.


Classic said…
_I remember watching former PM Turner in a TV interview, perhaps in the late 90s, warning about our losing further control of Canadian owned companies. Today's news merely follows that pattern.
_But takeovers only happen, when someone else agrees to sell.
talk talk talk said…
Turner was prescient.

Alcan and Alcoa have been in merger talks for years apparently. But they were going nowhere so Alcoa is attempting a hostile takeover, which means Alcan is not agreeing to it but short-sighted stock holders probably will.