Dion Makes A Deal

TheStar.com - News - Grits and Greens make a deal: "Grits and Greens make a deal"

Canadian politics seems to be predictably trundling along when Mike Duffy on CTV News says something that makes you blink and check the newspaper for the full story.

Here Stephen Harper is sewing up the environmental portfolio, stealing Stephane Dion's limelight and central theme, and casting him as a lameduck leader in the process, when Dion covers himself in the blanket of the Green Party by making a deal with their leader Elizabeth May.

The Green Party is undoubtedly considered the most green of all the federal parties; May is now featured when the media look for critiques of Harper's green platform. By making the deal with May, Dion not only leapfrogs over Harper in the who's-more-green game, but also shows himself a man of the old school, the one that plays fair, the kind we miss, that doesn't disparage his opponents a la Harper. He demonstrates true class, what a real man is made of, and in the process making Harper look just like a guttersnipe. He cements this image of being a real man, a mature man, by making a deal that benefits May more than him, in terms of the election itself. She now has a real shot at winning her impossible-to-win seat. Nice.


He's polling neck and neck with Taliban Jack... but Steffi just sees clear sailing ahead.

“Liberals all over are mobilizing and working very hard,” he said after a speech in Montreal, telling reporters he wasn't worried about the future.

“I do not feel the fears that you are referring to.”

No pain, no sense.

talk talk talk said…
Do you not know that the Liberals consider themselves the Governing Party of Canada? Of course he's going to win!
Mark Dowling said…
Will Dion start moving more to the right now that the Greens will be keeping the NDP occupied? The NDP have made it clear they are out for themselves and would be okay with more Tory time in power if it screwed the Libs that little bit more. This move looks like payback for Layton but best of all would have been persuading Bob Rae to run in Danforth (his old seat) not in Rosedale.
talk talk talk said…
The Greens are an interesting party, and if May achieves the impossible and wins a seat, Canadians may discover that they're both right and left, depending on the issue.

I've never understood why people think Liberals and NDP ought to collaborate. With the way Liberals govern (for the rich and powerful), it's antithetical to the NDP. Whereas the Conservatives, in its present incarnation, putatively come from the same roots out west as the NDP. Also people who vote NDP won't vote Conservative, so working with them won't cost the NDP votes in that way.

Bob Rae wouldn't have a chance in hell in the east end and, smart man, knows it. Voters there vote like sheep for (a) the incumbent and (b) the NDP.
Gabriel. said…
The "Greens" have as much relevence today as the Natural Law Party did back in 1997 and 2000. I'm not sure what Dion was thinking but it probably went something like "surely 0.63% of voters can't all be wrong all of the time..."
talk talk talk said…
The Greens are pretty popular in Europe and have held power. Also they're a multi-faceted party, even though the media only focus on their environmental platform.
saskboy said…
Gabriel, your hyperbole isn't appreciated. The Greens had over 4.5% of the popular vote the last two general elections, and 26% in the last byelection. They are polling at over 10%, with 11% in the latest poll just 3% behind the NDP, and with a 1/3 of the support of the Conservatives.
Martin said…
Being a former Green Federal Council member I am disgusted that May have given in to the big parties. Everything they have done so far has been by themselves and to link themselves to the big dumb red machine will only hurt them long term. For one, May won't win her seat...the Liberal in the riding was third the last election anyway. I personally will not vote green next election if they continue to bed-down with the Liberals. Politicians make such strange bedfellows.