The Verdict

The first Verdict is in. It's a hit, it's exciting, it's enlightening. Unlike most hosts of new shows who are a bit stiff or awkward and definitely uncomfortable, Paula Todd practically jumped out of the screen in her excitement to be back heading up a meaty interview show once again. She was enthusiastic and well informed; she confidently and competently shepherded her guests through their interviews, introduced interesting background pieces, and engaged us in a legal process we normally hate, or at least I do. She chose excellent guests, though heavily weighted to the male side -- hopefully we'll see a better gender balance in the future -- and I liked the pairing format the program used. Tonight, apparently, she'll interview Barbara Amiel. Can't wait for that.

This is the talent of Todd: she made me, someone who has come to loathe the legal system, enjoy watching an entire hour about a legal case. Kudos to her for charging back onto Canadian television!