Huge News: Todd Arises From Sexist Obscurity

Whoo hoo!!! Finally a network pounces for gold.

In a stunning breath of sexism, TVO axed Studio 2 last summer to create an awfully similar The Agenda (except for its retina-burning sets) in order, in my opinion, to sideline Paula Todd into doing only Person2Person interviews, wasting her talent and depriving us viewers of her incisiveness and wit. Just because it was a woman who blew her into TV hinterland, doesn't make it any less sexist, and the most overt I've seen in a long time on television. A lot of people must've been as ticked as me because the biggest number of Google hits this site gets by far is for Paula Todd.

Now watching the Conrad Black piece on CTV Toronto News, who suddenly popped up on the screen but Paula Todd. I shot up and paid attention. There she is in Chicago in her debut as legal analyst for CTV News, and twice they told us her new show The Verdict will begin on CTV Newsnet tonight at 9:00 pm or on CTV's broadband network. I would've preferred that she appear on her own show on network television, as you don't need cable or satellite to tune it in, but this is huge vindication for Todd and her loyal fans like me.


Classic said…
_I think that there would have been a more individualized [pun alert] 'person 2 person' explanation of Studio Two's ending rather than any kind of 'ism. Both co-hosts now have their own hourly shows.
talk talk talk said…
True, both co-hosts have their own show, but Studio 2 was cancelled for the express intent to start the Agenda with Steve Paikin, leaving Paula Todd out in the cold. Luckily CTV valued Todd. I believe there was a "personal" issue between the big cheese (also Todd's hubby) at Studio 2 and the one who cancelled the show. (Like your pun BTW!)
Anonymous said…
I have to say, I was never a fan of Person 2 Person, but she certainly has changed now that she's on CTV. Having had a chance to know her from her work with TVO, I find the new attitude she presents on CTV very annoying and ridiculous. While Steve Paikin remains committed to serious debate on TVO, Paula Todd focuses on stirring up conflict on CTV.
talk talk talk said…
Person 2 Person required a very different interviewing technique from Todd than what CTV requires.

It seemed to me from watching the first few shows that they had scheduled very tight segments so that the more relaxed form of interviewing done on Studio2 was not possible on CTV. But I like how she plays devil's advocate sometimes and challenges the guests to say more than the stock quotes, especially in the tight time period she has with each guest.