Dragged Kicking and Screaming

Well, Blogger finally boxed me in and made me switch to "new" Blogger. So now I find myself signed in when I don't remember signing in, or thought for sure I had signed out, and having to update my Firefox blogging add-ons, which is not simple. But when is anything to do with updating a PC simple? What a pain. On the plus side, I got labels! And the interface is cooler looking...until you go to the new post window. Still about as conducive to creativity as wet bread.

In the coming weeks, I'll probably add labels to all my past posts and, who knows, I may even update my "look." Change is inevitable.


Martn said…
You could always join me on movable type.
Mark Dowling said…
remember to use the Dashboard labeller to batch tag a bunch of posts rather than labelling each post by editing it - took me a while to figure that out. Tagging by editing puts the post back in RSS and thus in any blogrolls you're on - making people think you've written a bunch of new stuff when it's all ancient.
talk talk talk said…
martn, but then I'd have to get my own domain! Plus I'm just too lazy to move over voluntarily. :D I do use it when I post to Metblogs, and I don't know if it's Metblogs or Movable Type but it's much slower than Blogger.

mark, I didn't know that about the RSS feeds. Thanks for the heads up!
Martin said…
I know moving is a pain. I moved from Community Server to Movable type to start the year. You also don't have to host your own domain. There are several companies out there to do it for you.
The problem of speed must be with Metroblog. I am in Yellowknife and my host (My son's software company)is in Edmonton and I have no speed issues whatsoever.
I use BlogJet as my client to do posts and I like it because you can do your work WYSIWYG or html and can flip back and forth for more control. Just thought I would mention it to you. I know I have never been a fan of Blogger.
talk talk talk said…
martin, I wondered if it was metblogs.

I checked out BlogJet. I've been using DeepestSender. I like it cause it's free (always good!) and because it sits in the sidebar so I can look at what I'm writing about at the same time as I'm blogging. BlogJet is a nice-looking program, but it ran into an error when I clicked Publish! I think that's a Blogger issue, and sometimes these errors clear up. I'll try again.

I appreciate the info!!