Christian Nuttiness

When I was in my teens, a church leader tried to convince me that evolution was bunk, and perhaps even evil, and that creationism was the real and only true description of how God created the world. He showed a singular lack of imagination. But he wasn't as bizarre as the people in Seattle when they successfully got Al Gore's film An Inconvenient Truth "banned" from the schools there. Seattle! Of all the places where Christians, the ones who give the rest of us the brand of nutty, to stake their ground, Seattle would not have been my first guess...nor even my 10th.

The man interviewed on the news yesterday claimed that Global Warming was real, but not because of what we have done, but because of Revelation. He said it had been foretold 3,500 years ago. Aside from the fact that Revelation can describe many a calamity for any person caught up in the midst of the chaotic maelstrom of the history of the day for the last 2000 years, it wasn't written 3,500 years ago. Perhaps that was bad editing on the producers' part. However, the man, in declaring Revelation and Global Warming as God's way of ridding the sinful earth, ignores the fact that God declared his Creation good. He also ignores the fact that, as angry at us as He is, He still loves us. And as a Christian, this man ought to be most certain of that as God not only sent Jesus, He also sacrificed him in place of us. How greater love can there be? Isn't that also written in the New Testament, of which Revelation is just one part?

One can sort of understand the logic of Creationists, but some Christians condemning what is being written and studied about Global Warming, demonstrates a breath-taking simple-mindedness and worse, is predicated on the notion of a God who hates his Creation. It's no wonder then that we are incapable of creating lasting, trusting relationships when the model relationship -- between God and each of us -- is based on the notion of anger and vengeance and hate. And it's no wonder school boards take bizarre attitudes seriously.