Feasting on Nigella

The Food Network has been a boon to my cooking. There's nothing more motivating than watching someone expertly cook a luscious-looking meal in only half an hour. Rachel Ray even calls her show 30-Minute Meals. Before getting the Food Channel, I'd heard about Nigella Lawson and seen people swoon over her. Well, she is rather good looking. OK, delish. And she's definitely a great marketer, developing products with style to tie in with her shows. But what exactly was appealing about her?

I watched her whip up an Indian meal the other night in her new show Nigella Feasts. With phrases like "soft and swollen" to describe Sultanas "rattling" into the sauce, "black tears" for nigella seeds, and "hot golden stock," said in rich plummy tones as she glances coquettishly at the camera, I have my answer. I'm hooked. The curry is yummy too.