Norton AntiVirus Puzzle

Does anyone else have this problem?

I renewed my Symantec Norton AntiVirus subscription for one year, then a strange thing happened, something that I've never seen before and is quite disturbing. At times, when I turn on the computer, get distracted and be away from it for awhile, I return to find Norton's AutoProtect disabled by Norton itself (and why, pray tell, does this always occur when I'm pulled away from the computer as it's starting up, not when I'm sitting there drumming my fingers watching it start up?).

Instead of the little AutoProtect icon showing good-to-go status, I see on my monitor a big yellow message telling me that I must activate Norton AntiVirus in order to continue to use it. Whaaaaat?? I already paid for it, for a whole year, and now every month, or every other month, I have to activate it? What kind of bone-headed programming requirement is this, for while it's waiting for me to push the "Next" buttons so that it can re-activate itself and give me the same-old PIN, AutoProtect is off and my computer is vulnerable. I'm starting to think a return to McAfee may be a good idea.


Mark Dowling said…
oh no. No no no no no no no no.

McAfee is evil - it kills inboxes (and puppies and bunnies) - plus if the sub runs out it completely disables rather than just not allowing download of new definitions - I spent 4 hours cleaning a computer with McAfee Subscription.

Firewall: ZoneAlarm basic - free

AV: AVG free 7.5 (
(haven't tried the free antispyware)

Spyware: use Firefox of course, but also Spybot Search and Destroy ( free but donations accepted)
talk talk talk said…
LOL!!! I won't!

I use ZoneAlarm basic and Spybot, but I've not heard of AVG. I'll go check them out. Thanks for the tips!!!
Marg said…
Hmmmm makes me glad I don't have MacAfee or Norton reading this

I have Acceleration
Unobtruse said…
Or you can just use Symantec Corporate Edition. It's straight forward and doesn't take any crap.