Metroblogging Addition

My blogging has been noticed! I'm thrilled to have been asked by Stephen Jacobs to join the Metroblogging Toronto team!!

I received my user name yesterday and immediately had to write on the Election. Well that's over now, thank goodness; however, I'm sure I'll continue writing about Toronto politics. Since Metroblogging Toronto is all about Toronto stuff, from things to do round town to the latest raccoon nightmare to, of course, politics, I'll post my Toronto blatherings over there (Metroblogging has created a handy badge, which I've put in the sidebar so that you'll have an easy link to my latest Metroblogging posts). All other subjects I'll continue to blog on here. I'd better get myself organized now so I don't fall off either site!


Abbas Halai said…
going through your site i notice you have a lot to add about the the city. i'm glad and i look forward to reading your posts on metroblogs.

welcome to the team my friend.

- abbas