In Remembrance

In Remembrance
Uploaded by Points North
on 9 Nov '06, 12.53pm EST.

The poppy. Red for Canada and her flag. Red for blood shed for me and for you to guard our democracy, our autonomy, our human rights against those with aspirations of subjugation and power. Black for death, for the end of many -- over 60,000 in WWI alone, 42 in Afghanistan to date -- so that we millions can live in peace, under the government that we chose and get to choose every election. A flower for the beauty that it brings and the cycle of life that it represents because in death, there is the idea of the opposite, of new life that perpetuates us and the human species.

The poppy. Elderly men, wrinkled and grey, with shaking hands and erect postures, pin them on our lapels, our coats, our jackets to remind us of what they saw and did and of their compatriots who did not return to Canada with them and who remain vivid in their memories though many decades have passed. May they remain in ours also.