The Veil is Feminist?

"Oh, this is rich: a defence of the veil as feminist prerogative.What next — promotion of the chastity belt as post-feminist birth control?" Rosie DiManno, 25 October 2006, "Is covering faces feminism?" The Toronto Star.

Kudos to Rosie for not only telling it like it is, but also putting a glaring light on the apartheid arrogance of the veil.


AC'63 said…
have you read the news stories out of Australia .. if you think this is bad you should read this.
thordora said…
I'll be writing about her column sometime this week. I thought that was a GREAT piece on the topic.
AC, the cleric's comments are not surprising, despite his bogus backtracking. The whole premise of the veil is that women, by their very looks, by their very physical nature, entice men and thus must be hidden. Men apparently just cannot help themselves (I wonder who's more insulted by this contention?). One of the comments under the Star's voices (which I saw after posting) used the word "shame" as a justification for the veil and didn't even think that there was anything wrong with that word as applied to woman's nature. And to the Star reader who thinks this is not a big issue for Canada -- wait for it. Thanks for the link!

I look forward to seeing your post thordora! (Like your avatar BTW!!!)