Stunned by Fall

Black Lamp, Blue Sky, Bright Sun
Uploaded by Points North on
14 Oct '06, 1.24pm EDT.

What I like about Canada are her stunning blue-sky Fall days. From skyscraper downtowns to wide prairies, and sometimes even on her rain-shrouded east and west coasts, her skies turn an intense blue that makes the sun seem all the brighter and warmer as the Arctic air mass slumps southwards, chilling our skin.

As the earth tilts on her axis, and the sun sinks to the horizon, nature compensates us by giving us skies so deep that our souls cannot help but sing. We can see hints of what's to come in the fall and winter when we travel north, north of 60. The air clears to reveal the beauty of our atmosphere. We look up and feel we can touch the sky. We look down and marvel at the resilience of our land to flourish under such harsh conditions, and at ourselves that though we may grumble at the coming cold, we still can't stop ourselves from kicking the leaves and laughing under that stunning Fall sky.