On Hold

Calling Rogers and getting that perky male voice that insists you pick up the handset to speak, given that speaker phones and noisy backgrounds interfere with his ability to understand, makes one yearn for Virgin to take over Rogers so that at least one can get an honest-to-goodness human being on the phone. I long for the old days of endless "press this, press that." Who knew that would be less aggravating than the perky Rogers man.


All's quiet on the Toronto election front. Some mutterings on CFRB about tearing down the Gardiner, but otherwise today nada. This is good for David Miller -- the less the media says about the abysmal state of our city, the better. But not so good for Jane Pitfield because then the electorate will wonder why they need to find the nearest polling station several kilometers away and vote for her. Her team needs to keep the election issues front and centre in the voters minds without sounding like a stuck record.