Our Canadian Idol

Whoo hoo!!!! Applause! Applause! Applause! The right one won!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Why was she the right one? Well all those reasons I gave last week, plus tonight she showed she wanted it bad! When she heard that Cyndi Lauper is producing a track on the winner's album and Martina McBride invited the winner to join her for the Canadian leg of the tour, I swear Eva Avila turned to Craig Sharpe and said, "I want to win!"

She wanted so much to win that she's the first winner I've seen recover from the initial shock and just belt out the final song, with so much confidence and ambition that she was able to negotiate those steps down then back up to say thank you to the judges.

Despite the fact that CTV shoehorned the usual 2-hour finale of Canadian Idol (Canadian reality) into 1.5 hours in order to accommodate the simulcasting of Amazing Race (American reality), it produced the best finale bar none.

  • Last year's Canadian Idol Melissa O'Neil is the best finalist out of the first three seasons, and she gave a passionate and generous performance.
  • Nelly Furtado (who did not look like herself!) performed Maneater live. Wow! She is improving with each album.
  • The African Children's Choir (only criticism is the sound was too low!) performed live, and they did a vignette on onexone and how this choir is helping AIDS-affected children in Africa rise out of being surrounded by illness and losing parents into becoming productive citizens who return to their towns to help their neighbours. The kids looked contagiously happy and the Idols rose to the occasion when they joined them.
  • I'd forgotten how well Rob James sings. I hope this Idol summer will catapult him back into the spotlight, and has given him the confidence to do it solo.
Well, I'm ready to get back into real reality. It's been a blast. And it ended on the best note possible!


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