Municipal Issues: List of Posts

With the municipal election less than 2 months away, and with my belief that Mayor David Miller must go, I thought it would be useful to list all my city-related blogs in one place.

Toronto Politicians Suck up our Leisure Time August 2006


The Worst Off April 2008

Mayor Miller Bullies Journalists September 2006

Garbage is the New Religion September 2006

Our City, Our Garbage, Our Shame September 2006

Giant Blue Coming September 2006

Halton Politicians Use Their Noggins August 2006

Bits and Bytes April 2006

20-Minute Makeover April 2006

Bin Named Green January 2006

Toronto's Trash, No New Thinking September 2005


My Encounter with the TTC December 2007

Competing Mayorlty Visions (About the TTC and Subways) September 2007

Where's the Train? August 2006

TTC Shenanigans June 2006

TTC's Favourite Pastime -- Strike! May 2006

Of Streetcars Subways... April 2006

Budget up, TTC Fares up, Taxes Up March 2006

Miller and Moscoe Break Fare Hike Promise March 2006

Fellow Passengers on the TTC March 2006

Let's Compare the TTC to Canadian and American Cities February 2006

Calendar-Challenged TTC December 2005

Subways, Toronto Needs Them November 2005

Riding the Bus October 2005

TTC Safer but Poorer August 2005

TTC Woes June 2005

Innovation, Local Power, and Pollution

Mississauge on the Edge of the Future; Toronto the Past February 2006

Electricity Conundrum January 2006

City Leaders Can't Build November 2005

Duck and Cover and Segways October 2005

Lags in Pollution Reduction October 2005

Fog Smog October 2005

Bullfrog Power September 2005


Classic said…
_The problem is that no one has yet stepped up to seriously challenge Miller. Pitfield keeps making silly gaffs like last week's yes/no vote confusion.
talk talk talk said…
But then the status quo is taking our city down. Somebody new couldn't make it worse, and there's the possiblity to make it better. We know Miller won't. He's proven that in the last 3 years.
James said…
There is some interesting general information on the Toronto municipal elections page.
talk talk talk said…
Interesting, yes! It seems Pitfield is the only one to address the issue about the disconnect between the property taxes tenants pay and the costs of city services for them. I assume they're backing Pitfield?

I've heard security has been turning canvassers away, but don't know if that issue has been resolved. I personally have seen exactly one canvasser. It's been getting really bad these past few years at how few people come around now compared to elections in the 20th century.