Jane Pitfield not a Hypocrite

CTV News has just reported that there was a clerical error in the voting of that disgraceful landfill buy yesterday. Mayoralty candidate Jane Pitfield is apparently speaking to the clerk to register her vote as a no.

Bill Carroll was as disappointed as me when he'd heard she'd voted yes like Mayor Miller. Like me, he was wondering who to vote for Mayor when Pitfield, who had looked so promising, seemed to be just as much a hypocrite as Miller. It had seemed that she was like every other politician who talks a good streak but when the chips are down vote the easy way.

It seems now that she backed up her vociferous argument against buying the landfill with a no vote. If true, good for her! We still have a viable alternative to Mayor Miller.


Mark Dowling said…
Council meetings are ridiculously convoluted and councillors are continually having to ask for their vote to be changed. No real surprise - but Council rules should be torn up and rewritten to reduce the amount of weird speaking rules, motion parameters and points of order.
talk talk talk said…
Although I have attended Council meetings in the past, I had no idea it was so bad that vote changes are routine! Rule changes definitely sound in order.
Nick said…
Can't vote properly on critical city issue. Wants to be mayor? What's wrong with that picture?
talk talk talk said…
One of the news outlets mentioned that the city is looking into doing what Mark suggested -- simplifying the rules -- because of the chaos that exists in the Chamber.

I wonder how Pitfield's misstep would look like if the media reported every single vote error. Would it then look like just one in a sea of voting chaos? Context is everything and by focussing on one person only, the media can make something routine look like incompetence and bias the voter.