Canadian Idol Three Now Two

The penultimate vote-reveal episode of Canadian Idol starts off swinging with Mr. Tony Bennett. The thing that struck me about Ben Mulroney's little chat with Bennett after his first number (aside from the funny gaffe) is that Brian Mulroney may've been our Prime Minister, may've been vilified by practically the whole country, but he's a father, and like most fathers everywhere is mighty proud of his son, and his son is proud of him, looks up to him, and likes having his approval. In other words, the Mulroneys are human. Qu'elle surprise!

Last night, Tyler Lewis impressed me for the first time. With the Idol folks finally having taught him how to stop bobbing his head, his singing and performance came through unimpeded. He also had no volume problems and relaxed into his performance. I guess he never figured he'd get this far, so decided to just have fun! It showed. Eva Avila, as usual, was just jaw dropping. She's becoming more versatile and more professional each week, even in her naturalness in those product-endorsement sketches they had the Idols do tonight. Craig Sharpe showed his lack of experience.The whole night, I kept wondering what Steffi D would've done and how much I missed not seeing that.

This morning on the radio, they predicted Craig would be voted off, but I thought only if people vote for performance, not for region. I forgot about the cute factor. That plus regional voting meant Tyler Lewis was voted off. Well, shall be interesting to see if the rest of the country can balance pre-teen girls and Atlantic voters to ensure Eva Avila is the Idol. She's absolutely voice and performance above Craig.


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