Unholy Firings in TV Land Linger in Viewers' Minds

To the television folks who thought the rapid firing of a respected on-air personality would make the story disappear fast, I have news for you. The number one keyword search that finds this blog is "Harold Hosein." The number two? Yup, "Paula Todd."

These two -- almost 40% -- trump all variations on Canadian Idol searches by a light year. Your immoral stink is as ripe as ever.


Classic said…
_And yet, I've been receiving constant Google Result hits for "Michael Kuss" since late June. They've only recently trickled down in number.
talk talk talk said…
Shows Canadians are interested in their on-air personalities, and unlike US TV, which told all and sundry about who's moving where, Canadian TV just fired and hired with the merest of announcements. Very weird.