The Predictable Happened, and I Want to Puke

To paraphrase Zack, Canadian voters -- a record 3.1 million! -- banged their heads against a handy brick wall until their brains fell out, then they picked up the phone to vote.

Canadian Idol as of next week will officially be boring. After inexplicably tossing off Ashley Coulter, only Steffi D was left to pump up the excitement, and now she's gone too. The way Ben Mulroney reacted, as well as the judges -- lifting her up on their shoulders at the end, something I've never seen before -- I believe they thought as I did, she is IT.

But misogynism, the dirty little secret of Canadian society that only gets outed on Idol voting nights, is going to give us the boring results of the first two seasons. Idol #1 is nowhere to be found, and like this year, there was only one female left in the top four and none in the top three. Idol #2, Kalan Porter was talented, seemed to be ready, but is also MIA. Only Idol #3, Melissa O'Neil, is still on the playlist of top 40 stations a year after she won -- only last season did voters get it absolutely bang on -- proving that when voters let their ears and brains do the voting, they get it right!

Unless they suddenly pick up the grey matter and start stuffing it back into their skulls, they will turf Eva, and then we'll be left with Tyler Lewis, who is destined for a country singing career, Chad Doucette, who is earnest and talented, but doesn't have the charisma an Idol needs, and Craig Sharpe, who is nowhere near ready at this moment. And a year from now, we'll be hearing Melissa O'Neil and no other Idol.

The really odd thing is that the top-selling Canadian solo artists are all female, each handing the crown from one to the next to the next as the years go by. So who are the voters because they sure aren't the record buyers.


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thordora said…
I wonder if more people would vote if we made the candidates sing and dance badly? :P
talk talk talk said…
LOL!! Maybe then my faves would stay safe -- voters wanting to keep their ears from screaming. :)