Eva is Safe!

There is a God!

A record 4.3 million votes, east fought west, Quebec must've got in on the regional voting game, and maybe even Ontario did cause central voters kept Eva safe. Tyler was in the bottom two. In the east, Chad was up against Craig who has the cute high-school-boyfriend fantasy factor going for him. So Chad ultimately lost out. I would not have gone for that result, but at least we did not get a repeat of season 1. Yes Canada, there is a God.


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Havril said…
I recognize none of these names as the contestants on Rock Star Supernova. What is this 'Idol' of which you speak?
talk talk talk said…
Oh wow, you've been missing out on the time-waster of the summer. Canadian Idol is a franchise of Pop Idol out of the UK, although people think it's a spin-off of American Idol on Fox Network. But that too is a spin-off of Pop Idol.

You can watch the contestants (down to three now) compete on Mondays at 8 pm EST on CTV and see the voting results Tuesday at 8 pm, and also usually on Tuesdays they have a big name performer. Next week it will be Tony Bennett.

See http://idol.ctv.ca for the official Canadian Idol info and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pop_Idol for background info.
Classic said…
_Don't look back:
_With Steffi D. gone, I've switched over to watching Prison Break.
talk talk talk said…
Good advice!

But I've started this review process and figure I really ought to see it to the end. Ah the travails of a blogger with a commitment. :P