Canadian Idol Seven

OMG did you get a look at Zack!?! Thank goodness he changed before the first performance, otherwise I could see some serious psyching out or cracking up on stage there.

Well, now there are seven hard rockin' Idols.

Ashley Coulter knocked all thoughts out of my head. If she's in the bottom three, I'll have even more serious doubts about the Canadian public's listening abilities. Besides we'd all miss her newest hairdo!

Chad Doucette redeemed himself. He sang a Canadian rockin' song. Well, he also made an effort to really "represent" the song and who he is this time! My only quibble is the hoarseness of his voice in the parts that needed volume.

Craig was nice to see DeYoung and Hodgson challenge him. For too long, the judges have allowed him to skate on his talent. He sang better than last week, but for me, it's still just OK. An excellent voice does not make for a soulful or powerful performance. Maybe that will come with age. The hair doesn't help either -- it's not him.

Eva Avila drew me right into the song. Although I wondered if she'd seen Highlander and could imagine the pain of being immortal, I did find her performance ended way too quickly -- the hallmark of a great singer!

Rob James made me feel Some Kind of Wonderful. Who couldn't grin and tap their feet during that joyful performance?!

Steffi D...what courage to tackle a David Bowie song. What originality to channel Avril Lavigne in part of it. She is from Mars, for sure! I could never have seen these calibre of performances from her when she first hit the auditions.

Tyler Lewis has a resonant voice, and he showed off its powerful qualities tonight. Also, someone modulated the way he moves, so he was a better performer. However, maybe it's cause he sounds very much like a country singer -- that particular tone in his voice -- or cause he lacks experience and cannot emote without it, but whatever it is, his performance left me cold.

As usual, this year's Canadian Idol is an hour of entertainment with no need to plug the ears. In fact, you know they're good when during the recap you want to see more. True for Rob, Ashley, and Steffi tonight.


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