Canadian Idol: I Happily Admit I was Wrong

YES!!! Finally!!! The bottom three were more realistic this time. No pre-teen girls raining all over their own gender this week just cause they like cute guys and couldn't care less about the performances! I am very happy to admit that my prediction was wrong -- although what Eva Avila was doing in the bottom three I don't know. It ought to have been Tyler Lewis. Still, I was glad to see she was the first one to be declared safe. How ironic for Brandon Jones, though, that on the first night he really stepped up his performance and got raves from the judges, he was voted off. Last night, I thought for the first time that it would be good to see him blossom. Oh well.


Classic said…
_Intrigued, I was surprised that none of contestants sang a Cdn song. BTW, were there 2 or 3 by the exact same Bon Jovi group?
_Then I laughed at the sheer ??? of having a Mr. Christie (factory/warehouse in Toronto along Gardiner) Oreo deliberate product placement included is the heart of the tonight's show.
talk talk talk said…
It's kind of like the old English Lit classes -- no Canadian literature allowed except in the special course (or in Idol's case on the first top ten show)!

And then there's Mulroney no longer calling just a recap, now it's the Honeynut Cheerios Recap...and last night it was some other cereal Recap. They're not trying insinuate anything, are they?
talk talk talk said…
P.S. I didn't notice how many by Bon Jovi. Since they're still hot, might be why popular?