Canadian Idol 6 Unplugged

Unplugged? Ain't that the way we first met them? After seeing them come on stage, a better title would've been Brunette Night. Anyway on to serious matters.

Craig Sharpe...Chantal hit the nail on the head. Yet despite her challenge to him, he still intellectualized the song, sang good notes, and had no emotion or raw power that that song demands. I paid more attention to the instrumentation. I'm really not sure why the judges don't challenge him on this and stop letting him ride on his talent. Jake came the closest tonight to voicing the truth about his performance. I think with more life experience, he'll be able to feel the lyrics.

Ashley Coulter took a chance with Crying and in Sass's words it was a "remarkable performance." Emotion powered her voice to reach inside us. She also moved around the stage area in the Masonic Temple well and with a natural feel.

Eva Avila brought the house down and deservedly so. I had no idea she had such range! Her high notes don't screech none either. Pure and smooth. Every note powerful, making us pay attention to her, not the band. Watching her, I felt like I was watching a professional, not an amateur working hard for her opportunity.

Tyler Lewis' performance tics drive me nuts, so I closed my eyes. His was the only male Idol performance with meaning and power to make us believe that passion.

Steffi D sang to someone, or it sure seemed like it. I wasn't sure where her theatricality went in the first few lines, then pow she hit the chorus and hit us. You could see in his face, how much Ben Mulroney was looking forward to seeing her performance. You could see he anticipated a lot of fun and entertainment. She delivered...with style!

Chad Doucette sang a too-recent song. Kudos for going with Canadian current chart-topper, but because it's so recent (2005) I kept comparing him to the band. Not good. As the judges say, he has a unique tone. That tone will catapult him into a great career, but he needs to put a lot more work into powering up his performance. He needs to not fear letting go. It wasn't small, as Zack so nicely put it, it just wasn't big enough.

What's now the MTV Canada stage was perfect for this acoustic version of Idol. Apparently, this is a first for any Idol, having an unplugged night that is. Kudos to Canadian Idol for doing that. This was a far far better night than I had anticipated. Truly enjoyable!

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Classic said…
_Having watched the past 2 or 3 Monday episodes, I think Steffi D... is clearly better than all the others. But she's being severely pre-labelled by the judges too much. How on earth could she have received the second fewest votes last week?

_And that hairdo-obsessed Ashley seems to stare too much. I can't see any of the remaining guys winning - yet it's all about who's voting.
talk talk talk said…
Last week's vote boggled my mind too. I have to say it was the first vote to truly diappoint me, and after such an entertaining half-hour too. I hesitate to say who I'm voting for in case I put that old hex on them, like when the judges annoint someone the winner, and the next day they're voted off!

I started wondering last night if Ashley changes her hair every week to ensure the pre-teen girl vote, the one responsible in years past (and this year too for the most part) for keeping on the worst of the boys simply cause they're cute. Those girls will vote for her just to see what the newest look in hair is. Well tonight will tell.