Canadian Idol 4 -- Where is Steffi D when you Need Her?

Sorry folks, but with Steffi D gone, the show just isn't that exciting anymore. That's not to say that I thought she was a slam dunk Idol winner. Rather I saw her as definite top three material, possibly two, depending on how the others did. And quite frankly she entertained us the most, and better and better each week.

This is Pop Idol, not Country Idol, or Cute Idol. Rob James had pop down, and I was quite surprised when he was voted off. Tyler Lewis' deep tones emote sensitivity, but he sounds far more country than pop. Ashley Coulter reminded me of Pat Benatar, and she was very much rock. However, she had that pop sensibility at times and improved with each performance. Craig Sharpe is mega-talented and very young and as a result not challenged enough. Thus until last week we didn't see week-over-week improvements in him like we did in Steffi D or Rob James or Eva Avila. This week, the judges gave him a George Michael song, and his popness shone out. I still think he needs more life experience to give his singing that emotional heft, but the George Michael vibe -- which is most definitely pop -- is his. Unfortunately, the second choice once again showed up his inexperience. Chad Doucette's unique voice will take him far, maybe not in popdom, but definitely in alternative rock.

When I saw Eva Avila stride on stage, I thought she was trying to blend in with the boys...Nope, she was singing Eurythmics. She has great energy, no volume problems like Tyler and Chad did in the first round, wonderful showmanship, like Annie Lennox. She's the only one to bring the house down -- both times. But Les Quebecois will have to vote for her en masse to balance out the west and the east and the pre-teen girls going for the cute factor, to ensure she stays for another week. Otherwise it'll be all guys next week.


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