Happy Canada Day 2006

Canada Day 2006
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I did this last year, so thought I'd do it again this year: create a collage from photos I've taken in my travels across Canada. Of course, I didn't count on the fact the my scanner would be such a pain, for, you see, all my cross-Canada shots were done with a film camera so scanning was the order of the week. Unfortunately, many of my best shots were taken with slide film, and I can't scan those!

Canada is my home, if not my native land. It has raised me, nurtured me, educated me (for the most part). It has given my family hope and a home. Canada is quirky and funny, serious and pompous, fun and wild. She is the best place to live in and the best place to grow in. Canada is a gift from God to those fortunate enough to find her.

Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians here and abroad!