Canadian Idol Top 9 do the Stones

Recovered from the whiplash yet? And wondering whatever happened to Idol in HD? I've been wondering why only in 4:3 format and wondering is CTV/Bell Globemedia a tad short on cash after buying out CHUM? What other possible excuse do they have for now filming it in HD, a format made for music shows. But onto more important matters: the competitors!

With the group singing Rolling Stones tunes, it was rather important that they not sound, as Zack put it, like "wedding singers." Though I can't imagine any wedding singer being able to do a Rolling Stones tune properly! Still, I was concerned that I'd be hearing the Rolling Stones in my head instead of the competitors and that they'd come up short. A few did, but some, as the cliche goes, made it their own.

Chad Doucette did with his unique voice and irreverent sensibility.

Eva Avila did with her astounding version of one of their ballads. She completely obliterated the Stones from my head.

Ashley Coulter started off a bit iffy, but once she took the mike out of the stand and was let loose, so to speak, she kicked it. I've been waiting for Pat Benatar to come back, and I think she finally has.

Rob James -- wow! I didn't know he could do a rock song, but his captivating in-your-face performance left no room for thoughts of the Stones' version.

Steffi D is the only one to channel Mick Jagger. I'm still in shock. The girl is an astounding performer and an excellent singer.

The ones who grabbed me and pulled me into their performances from beginning to end were Eva, Rob, and Steffi. Even so, it would be tough to figure out who will be voted off except for one thing: the typical Canadian Idol voter. The next one off won't be male.


Brian Lemon said…
It's about those Cdn Idol Bus Shelter Posters, Bro.
Jake Gold looks like the geek in Rocky Horror Picture Show, while Sass looks like she can't wait for Farley to steal her away from the geek and Zack is doing his Eddie Munster imitation.
talk talk talk said…
LOL! I've somehow missed seeing those. Zack does that imitation on the show, with tongue firmly in cheek!!