Canadian Idol 8 do 80s

And on we count down. Tonight was 80s night, that decade of glam rock, heavy make-up, big hair, and bigger shoulderpads. Were the contestants even born yet? Can they credibly sing that era?

Chad Doucette unfortunately followed Steffi D. It was probably not that bad, but following on the excitement of Steffi D, it felt lukewarm.

Eva Avila stayed way out of her box, and although lacking Billy Idol's sneer, did quite well. Again, like Rob, she improved as the song went on.

Steffi D took Cyndi Lauper's advice and ran with it. Wow! She obliterated any thought of No Doubt's version and brought the house down. She did what none of the others did. She entertained!

Brandon Jones for the first time sold me. He looked the part, and he sang well.

Tyler Lewis needs to keep that hairstyle! But his bouncing was so distracting, I really can't comment on his performance. I should just shut my eyes and listen next time!

Ashley Coulter ripped my heart out.

Craig Sharpe sings with clear pure tones, but his singing still does not connect with me emotionally. It's like he's holding back, not allowing himself to be fully vulnerable.

Rob James seemed to be tense and unable to sing with the  lung power the song requires in the beginning, but by the end he was hard rockin' the song, with great power.

Kudos to all the contestants, for they not only sang well, but they embraced the 80s completely from the big hair to the make-up to the rockin' power. And well-deserved applause to Cyndi Lauper for pulling greater talent out of each and every one of them, something I haven't seen before. I am soooo looking forward to seeing her perform tomorrow night.

None of the women ought to go home tomorrow night, but the female-averse Canadian Idol voters will probably do the predictable. Too bad.


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