Idol and Hilton

The bookends yell, swear, throw drinks as contestant Jordan blows kisses, while leaving with his gold ticket, and Sass waves bye. The testosterone calm down, get back in their seats, and we're right back to the ear hurting, though the judges like him. They're punch drunk on mediocrity -- must be the only reason, especially since the girl right after is pretty good and they start arguing over whether she is nor not. It's one hysterical season!


Have you heard the new Paris Hilton song? I tensed, my ears waiting to be assaulted; instead my ears were OK. Doesn't that suck -- when you expect someone to be bad cause of their reputation as an airhead, and they're not bad? Her breathy style -- good use of instrumentation during the more melodic bits -- reminds me of someone. Who would've thunk she could sing?