CTV: Does it Want to be Canadian?

CTV -- the CANADIAN Television Network -- continues to squeeze Canadian programming, what little they have left of it that is, into their American programming.

First they took the celebration of our music and shrunk it down to ensure they didn't have to move Desperate Housewives' out of its slot, cause heaven forfend their viewers miss out on that, or worse watch the American broadcaster, for the sake of a few Canadian musicians and their avid listeners. Then this year they just tossed a whole bunch of Canadian programming out the window until all we were left with was Corner Gas (although now the big American dramas are over for the season, they're bringing in a couple of half-hour shows, oh wow). Now they're doing this pruning to Canadian Idol, that wildly popular British (via American Idol) export. Instead of 32 we can vote on, this year we have 22. That's 1 week -- yes, we pick our top ten in ONE week -- intead of 4. Toss the suspense, toss the tears, toss the elation, let's press FF and get the darn thing done.

I wonder what American show they're making room for?