Checking out the First Eleven Canadian Idols

Tonight Ben Mulroney revealed the new format of Canadian Idol. Last week, it seemed like they would prune the top eleven males and top eleven females to five each this week. Their website didn't say anything more other than the elimination results would be this Wednesday. But now we know only two will be eliminated tonight from each of the gender pools. Then two more next week, and two more the following week. I think it still means fewer weeks to get to the Idol, but it's a different take on pruning them down to the top ten. So I'm not so cranky now!

On the plus side I like the new set; it's much more attractive, despite the shadows cast by the inadequate lighting. Even the theatre in which all the auditions were held was nice -- the acoustics especially were good. Did anyone notice the advertising slathered all over the voting information. Took a few singers in for me to! And then I got a good giggle. The contestants tonight were entertaining, even if some of them need wardrobe lessons, as in don't let your wardrobe upstage you, and some need non-bouncing lessons. I wanted to reach through the screen and stop one of the worst bouncers -- in the close-ups he was making me seasick. Some have powerful voices, and it'll be interesting to hear how they stack up against the female contestants. But as Zack said, he's looking for the WOW! factor, and though some are unique and grabbed my attention, I have not seen that factor yet.