Toronto Star Wants Me Back!

The person in the Toronto Star's circulation department was awfully nice when I cancelled my subscription. No peep of dismay, no hint of whining about me staying on, no empty promises to get me to change my mind. Nope, just a thank you. So what's the catch, I wondered? Didn't take me long to realise the telemarketing dogs would be on my back. Yup, that nice person at The Star knew I'd get my own back.

Barely a week after I cancelled, a very nice man had a lovely offer for me. Yes, he knew I'd cancelled. But he didn't know why, for when I informed him it was because the delivery sucked, he hung up tout de suite. Listening to the dial tone, I gathered if I'd cancelled due to content issues he'd have a chance at getting me back, but delivery problems...Not a hope in hell.


Classic said…
_You'd think that they would be trying to get me to drop my subscription? Maybe even to switch my blogging rant source to the G&M or Post:)

_Well I, too, had a delivery problem: inversely receiving their newspaper on the first day of a hold order - 2 weekends in a row, last month. I called back both times.
_p.s. I had set the hold date(s) early by a day just to ensure compliance.
talk talk talk said…
Smart move, setting it a day early! It's not just the Star though, I've heard of delivery hell from subscribers of all sorts of papers, including G&M. I was told yesterday the way to go is to get e-mail delivery of all the best papers...of course, in this guy's opinion, those happen to be British!!