Class Action Against the TTC Union

Last night and this morning on CFRB, I heard callers suggest some sort of legal remedy. One idea was for individuals to file claims in small claims court. But although each individual lost, for them, a lot of money, speaking in legal terms, it's not that much. A much better idea is to file a class action suit. The aggregate of all the losses from 800,000 commuters would make it worthwhile, and it would mean individuals would actually get their money back. Even if the TTC Commission has the cajones to fire Bob Kinnear and fine the union the estimated $10 million the Canadian economy lost, individuals still would not recoup their own losses. Also, given the time these actions take and given the penchant for TTC workers to go on strike because they never have to suffer the consequences, the suit should be set up so that future losses could be added to it. Just a thought.