- Coverage of fallen soldiers banned - Coverage of fallen soldiers banned

This is wrong! We are not the American public, squeamish and having a knee-jerk fear of death. We are Canadians. We want to honour our troops, and they need to know we honour their nobility of purpose and their sacrifice. We all cannot show up at CFB Trenton or at their funerals, but through the media coverage, we can be there, and we can mourn as a nation.

Harper is such a control freak that he even wants to control how we as Canadians feel about our troops by manipulating media coverage. He wants to hide their sacrifice of their very lives. How repugnant. Even worse, he won't be there in person. As much as I disliked Chretien, at least he understood that he must be seen to show his respect for the lives of people he sent to war. I can understand if bodies were flying home every day -- and is he expecting that? -- for Harper not to fly out to Trenton to pay homage, but not to fly out for these four men is egregious. Has he even honoured them in this way since becoming Prime Minister?

He purports to support the troops, but he is forcing us to be disrespectful and he is being disrespectful himself.

I am outraged.


AC@43 said…
Hey I agree 100% .. we can post our outrage, email Harper himself .. and just hope that we have voices strong enought to affect the present gov't
talk talk talk said…
Didn't think about e-mailing the PM. Good idea! And maybe en masse we'll change his mind...Somehow though I think this guy is too much of a control freak, too much needing to show who's boss to allow the plebes to change his mind. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't try. At the very least, the troops will know what we really think!