Junos 2006. Fun!

Love the Junos! Exciting, thrilling, wonderfully rough, and an over-the-top time-waster. Someone bet yesterday that Pamela Anderson would mention seals at 7:02. They were almost bang on. You gotta give her credit though: she didn't just stop at her first small pun, but went on despite being booed -- twice. So I'm waiting and waiting and waiting for at least one rocker to retort. Nada. But trust Jann Arden to come through for us. She told us, in that sassy, serious way of hers, straight into the camera, that she wanted us all to know that her brassiere was made entirely of seal eyelids. Brought the house down.

Pamela Anderson played sex kitten to the hilt -- who could take their eyes off those fantastic fakes -- that being the point of her wardrobe. Using Buck 65 as the sexy, sultry finally-seen voiceover for the in-between announcements, was inspired. They have to do that again in the next freezing Junos in Saskatoon.

Michael Buble was a joy to watch accept his awards. He was so obviously over the moon. Ben Rayner at the Toronto Star was full of sour grapes about his wins though. Apparently, his type of music, which hasn't been heard on mainstream radio for eons, is schlocky and not worthy of a Juno. He couldn't even get the title of his CD It's Time right. And his ears must be defective to prefer Broken Social Scene and write that they brought to the Junos "a welcome note of unpredictability...[by performing] a rangy version of 'Ibi: Dreams of Pavement'." Oh, is that what you call atonal caterwauling now? Rangy? At least Buble can sing on key.

Lots of rah-rah Canada, but if CTV was really all for Canada and celebrating our musical talent, they would not truncate the Junos once again for Desperate Housewives. It's all about the bottom line for them. If nationalism will get them brownie points -- and bucks -- then they're all for it. But let's not get too carried away, we have an American show we have to schedule around. I would have liked to have seen the humanitarian award on the televised show, especially since Bruce Cockburn won this year, and other awards, like group of the year. Global should wrest it from CTV since they don't have to worry about turfing some hot American show, or CBC... Still, it was nice to see a show run well, with no 7-second bleep rule, so that within the confines of the schedule, we still got to see all the insanity of our performers, including a bleeding hand, cussing, and outrageous political statements.