The GTTA is Birthed

The province has finally formed the GTTA: Greater Toronto Transportation Authority.

"The time has come that parochialism has to disappear," said Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion. "We have to look at the economic good of the area as a whole because gridlock and the lack of seamless transit system is not good for building the economy of the Greater Toronto Area." From The Toronto Star article by Kevin McGran, 25 April 2006.

She has that right! But the GTTA has no promised funding from either the province or the federal government. It is headed by politicians, not transit gurus. And it's thinking in wee terms.

Their first order of business is to introduce a one fare card system. By 2010, no matter where you are or which transit system you use in the GTA, you will use the same fare card, and the appropriate transit authority will be credited. For us Torontonians, this is like saying to a little boy never mind that lost left leg, here's a band-aid to make your right elbow feel all better.


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